The Freedom of crocodiles

About crocodiles, fear and freedom, 2009

Friedrich von Borries (Author), Laleh Torabi (Illustrator)
Merve, Berlin, 2009
32 pages, paperback, 24 x 17 cm
ISBN: 978-3-88396-274-0 / German


A little boy is on the search for freedom, self-awareness. And that is what scares him. Especially the crocodiles under his bed are dangerous, which he wants to kill or – at least – lock up all. But is he able to gain freedom like this himself? In a short fable, Friedrich von Borries recants a thirty year old bed-time-conversation with his meanwhile deceased father, continuing this dialogue, whereby he addresses his own two children that are the age he was these somewhat thirty years ago. Illustrated is the story by the German-Iranian artist Laleh Torabi, whose work has already been published in the collaboration »Bessere Zukunft - Auf der Suche nach den Räumen von Morgen«. Text and image on the surface remind of books for children. However, in the violent phantasies and detailed illustrations, the original aspect of the genre is resurfacing in a contemporary Gestalt: A parable for the shared experience of kids and grown-ups alike.