Effectiveness of Interventions

Symposium, 2012
The symposium »Effectiveness of Interventions« negotiates the question of effectiveness on the example of interventions in the international and Hamburg specific context. How do concrete practices in the (intermediate) area of art, design, architecture, curatorial practices and political activism intervene in social contexts?
What are the respective intentions and aims? How is effectiveness measured? What understanding of effectiveness are actors prone to? Could one think effectivess – according to François Julliens – think differently; not as model, but as unfolding of a situation-potential?
Thursday, November 1,
»Interventions in the international Context«
CANVAS, Activists, Belgrade (3.30 pm)
JOANNA WARSZA, Curator/Artist, Warsaw/Berlin (4.30 pm)
VOINA, Artist group, Russia (5.30 pm)
FRANÇOIS JULLIEN, Philosopher/Sinologist, Paris (7 pm)
Friday, November 2

»Interventions in Hamburg«
Urban planning and architectonic Interventions
Discussion with BERND KNIESS, Architect/City Planner, HCU Hamburg and HARALD LEMKE, Philosopher/Activist, Hamburg and CHRISTOPH TWICKEL, Journalist/Activist, Hamburg (11 am)
Activist and artistic Interventions
WE ARE VISUAL, Collective, Hamburg (2 pm)
SCHORSCH KAMERUN, Theatre Producer/Musician/Club Owner, Hamburg (3 pm)
BORAN BURCHARDT, artist, Hamburg (3.45 pm)
Art in the public domain
ANNE-KATHRIN REINBERG, Culture Office Hamburg (5 pm)
FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Artist, Fulda (5.45 pm)
Conception and Moderation:
 Friedrich von Borries, Christian Hiller, Friederike Wegner, Anna-Lena Wenzel. 
The Symposium occurs within the frame of the DFG funded research project »Urban Interventions«.